Wednesday, August 4, 2010

'ere's the bike

It is what it is, which is fuckin awesome, more bike that you need in the dirt, well more than i need.

I spent a shit load of time cutting tread off of a "mountain bike" to fit a road bike, FTW right?

all those black specks are cut tread, it fucking sucked, worst part is that i have a cut on my index right where it sucks.

here is the top of my box, a fucking mess. best part is that that softball is from when i was skateboarding into osseo and ran into that shit. mine!

Hendrix was blaring all night! I don't think i have any other projects coming up for a while. I am 85 per cent sure I am going to BIR on the 14th, T and A pics, hardcore drag racing, and professional drinking.

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